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My Balanced Work Life

My Balanced Work Life is a 12- 24-week programme designed to assist 8-17 year olds, and those of 18 years old and above that have mental health issues into sustainable employment, education and back into the community. The programme focuses on seven key areas:

  • Developing a personal care plan;
  • Providing talking therapy;
  • Providing physical exercise;
  • Providing a holistic service;
  • Providing family consultation sessions to learn more about the client and integrate the family into the care plan;
  • Providing education and employability training; and
  • Providing on-going support beyond employment or education.

Supporting Our Young

Supporting our Young is a one-day workshop for family members supporting a young person and/or loved ones that have mental health issues. The workshop will assist attendees in gaining a deeper understanding of how to provide necessary support as well as practical methods for dealing with their own state of mind.

The Balanced Support

The Balanced Support is a monthly membership programme. It is a peer-to-peer group coaching programme for young people and adults with mental health issues. The group meets once a month to share their progress, challenges and solutions with each other. The aim is to empower the members with tools to make a difference in their lives. Experts will be invited to deliver talks and training to further assist and strengthen the group. We also send useful content such as videos and blogs to members on a monthly basis via email.